Lumber Yard

About Us

Our lumber yard has over an acre of stickered lumber, 2,000 square feet of kiln dried lumber, and sits on and additional 25 acres outfitted with the latest breakthroughs in milling technology. Customers can pick specific woods and grains from among our huge stock of rough cut, airdried, planed, and kilned choices. We guarantee both the quality and variety that you are looking for.

Our state of the art kiln produces a higher-quality product that is over 2 times stronger than green lumber, and is construction grade ready for projects of all sizes. Our kiln-dried lumber is carefully monitored to ensure equilibrium moisture content.


Drumm’s Sawmill started over a decade ago with only a Hand set Lane #1 Sawmill, and added a grinder for landscaping chips. As customers requested more and more of Drumm’s quality product, a planing mill was added. Shane Drumm saw a need for a mill that provided specialty siding, knotty pine finished, or rustic lumber. To meet that continued demand for variety and value, Drumm’s Sawmill added 3 separate planers to do custom siding, and a dry kiln. Now, Drumm’s boasts an automatic, computerized mill that ensures a wide selection of custom lumber and unbeatable excellence year round.